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Company Profile

Leland Diamonds Limited is a Jersey-based company formed in 2005 for the purpose of mineral exploration and development in Tanzania. The company sprang from the collaboration of Feisal Somji and Alhussein Dhanani who subsequently approached Allan Dolan (Clarity Capital) because of his successful track record in building junior resource companies.  The company is now sponsored by Clarity Capital

From the very earliest stages, Clarity provides operational know-how and significant financial investment to develop its companies.  Its team of 40 entrepreneurs and scientists work across the minerals, life sciences and energy sectors.  From start-up to the present date, Clarity Capital has invested US $4.0 million in Leland.  

Leland has acquired an extensive 70,000 sq. km portfolio of diamond, gold, base metal and uranium mineral licenses in Tanzania. Less than half of this land has been subject to systematic mineral exploration since the 1950s and 1960s, representing significant discovery potential.

Tanzania is host to one of the worlds largest mined kimberlites and is the third largest producer of gold in Africa. It furthermore offers an excellent investment opportunity due to a stable political environment and a government committed to investment and growth.

Leland employs approximately sixty individuals, primarily Tanzanian nationals.  The principal divisions within the company are field operations (including drilling and bulk sample processing), laboratory, finance, land management/GIS and logistics (including security).

Our field operations are managed from Mwanza, a major infrastructure centre with an international airport and good rail network links. A field office in Tabora provides supplies and support to the exploration teams.

Leland welcomes the opportunity to partner with local landholders.

70,000 sq. km land holding including 40,000 sq. km of unexplored land with high discovery potential

Leland is rapidly converting high resolution airborne geophysical anomalies into hundreds of potential kimberlite targets over its huge (70,000 sq. km) ground position. Several diamondiferous kimberlite pipes have already been discovered in areas to the south and east of Tabora and one body of between four and six hectares surface area (Loya 1) has been selected as the first kimberlite for mini bulk sampling. This process commenced in December 2007 advancing Leland from exploration into the development stage.

Socially and environmentally friendly business activities aimed at leaving a legacy of sustainable development

Socially and environmentally responsible policies are at the heart of our business. We aim to work together with the Tanzanian government and people to our mutual benefit. Our practices typically exceed international environmental standards.  Leland, in conjunction with Clarity Capital, intends to pursue its social responsibility initiatives through The Cotton Tree Foundation, dedicated to advancing education in Africa.