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About Us

Friday 4th April, 2016

We are also proud our reputation to produce some of the finest quality rough diamond material available from any diamond mining company in the world. We are also proud of our vertical intergration through the supply chain from diamond cutting to retailing diamond jewellery of the finest quality through our equity partner

To demonstrate our aggressive drilling programme to deliver the finest stones, Leland Diamonds has acquired a PAT-Drill 401 trailer-mounted rig. The rig is capable of drilling to depths of approximately 200m, dependent upon geological conditions and can drill in both percussion mode - producing rock chips- and in rotary mode for soft sediments.  The drill is currently undergoing commissioning and customisation for Leland's needs at our Tabora field base.  A dedicated drilling team has been assembled and specialised training by PAT-drill engineers is planned for April before the rig begins work in May immediately following the current wet season.