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Corporate Strategy

Leland will create extraordinary shareholder value the "old fashioned" way - through the discovery of significant mineral deposits. The dwindling number of existing mines can only be bought and sold so many times - the world's continuing demand for minerals will not be diminished by corporate transactions - it will only be satisfied by those who take the risk of intelligent exploration lead by managers with novel ideas, acknowledged expertise and unquestionable integrity.

In order to increase our chances of success, Leland has consciously pursued a multi commodity approach - diamonds and metals. Our shareholders are not concerned by which commodity their investment grows, so long as it grows. Our preference is to stay private as long as possible - and build a valuable asset base that will differentiate us from the pack of small listed companies when the moment of our choice arises to pursue a liquidity event. At this time, or shortly thereafter, we fully expect to be in a position to "spin out" our asset base into two separate companies, one focused on diamonds and the other on metals. In so doing, our shareholders will benefit from not only the diversity of commodities, but also shareholdings in two, rather than just one, listed entity.

Since its organisation in 2005 US $9.5 million has been invested in Leland of which $8.0 million has been expended on exploration and operations. Management is committed to putting investor's money in the ground and, in return, delivering exciting results on the way to discovery.