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Leland Diamonds

Ideally placed to discover and develop a range of mineral deposits in its 70,000 sq. km Tanzanian land holdings. Modern exploration techniques permit rapid assessment of this major land position, whilst a multi-mineral strategy dramatically increases the chances of discovering an economic deposit.

Why Leland?

  • Top industry experts in diamond and metal exploration and development with extensive experience in Tanzania

  • Rapid assessment of its 70,000 sq. km land holding, much of which is unexplored

  • Producing the highest quality diamonds for the finest quality jewellery

  • Utilisation of modern technology and exploration methods, including High Resolution Airborne Magnetics and its own on-site laboratory

  • Highly stable political and fiscal environment with clear mining legislation

  • Socially and environmentally friendly business activities aimed at leaving a legacy of sustainable development

  • Our diamonds have been set into jewellery worn by members of the Royal Family.