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The Cotton Tree Foundation

Leland is committed to social and economic investment in Tanzania.  At Leland we believe that education is essential for poverty alleviation.  Leland joins the Clarity Capital Group of companies in sponsoring a unique initiative:

The Cotton Tree Foundation (CTF) is guided by a belief that education and literacy is at the heart of personal and social advancement. Raising aspirations and creating new opportunities begins with learning and CTF provides a means to collaborate on socially responsible programs.  

CTF Guiding Principles:

  • Creating dialogue, partnerships and effective participation.

  • Responsive to requirements and relevant to local knowledge.

  • Collaborative and efficient process. 

  • Consistent project evaluation and accountability.

  • Long term and adaptive. 

CTF accepts the challenge of creating viable, imaginative and sustainable projects.  In countries where Clarity Capital Group companies are at work our vision is to craft programs that promote education, business development and support of entrepreneurs.

CTF will soon be a registered charity in the United Kingdom.  The first initiative is an innovative process: an interactive and international web-based competition.  This will be an open invitation to submit program proposals for the first CTF educational projects.  Each project proposal must include details for how it will be financed, implemented and monitored.  The Clarity Capital Group will underwrite all costs of the competition as well as award prize money to the contributors whose plans are accepted by CTF.  We look forward to the broadest possible input – from academia, non-governmental organizations, corporations, and individuals around the world.

Further  research and information sources: 

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