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Health & Safety

Tanzania's Occupational Health and Safety Act, No.  5 of 2003, provides the framework within which the company operates.  It is, however, geared more towards factories and formal workplaces than mineral exploration and Leland has therefore sought other sources of information with which to compile its internal health and safety procedures and policies.

The document "Minerals exploration safety guidance note - November 2004 © The State of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources and Mines) 2004" has been used to provide more detail on matters relevant to exploration and the company's own health and safety policies are currently being written to at least meet and if appropriate, exceed the various standards highlighted in this guidance note.  Copies of these policies will be posted when each has undergone a final review by management and industry professionals.

Notwithstanding the final production of the various policies and procedures, the company has already instigated:

  • A (satellite based) Vehicle Tracking System - not only for the purposes of tracking stolen vehicles but for identifying the locations of field crews in the event of emergency vehicle recovery

  • A policy covering the use of company vehicles

  • Emergency medical evacuation procedures

  • Satellite telephones in each field camp for both emergency communication and daily reporting in remote areas

  • A procedure to ensure that all field vehicles have emergency recovery equipment and supplies at all times

  • The issuing of hard hats, goggles, gloves, respirators, safety footwear and outerwear to all employees engaged in activities which require such equipment