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Corporate Governance

Leland views corporate governance as an interlocking system of rules and procedures which are employed to formulate, control and review the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in the company such as the board, managers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Corporate governance is therefore the means by which decisions affecting company affairs are formulated and applied.

The company has engaged the services of a Board of Directors from varied backgrounds to ensure that sound technical, legal, financial and business practices are employed in carrying out the business of the company and has, in particular, sought non-executive directors with considerable experience in the exploration for and the marketing of, diamonds. Currently one third of he board is comprised of non executive directors

To assist with the implemenation of its corporate governance practises the board has formed three committees - Compensation, Audit and Social and Environmental Responsibility.

To ensure that employees and officers are motivated to succeed, a Compensation Committee has been elected to scrutinise and recommend an internal shares and options plan for all employees, in addition to recommending remuneration packages for the company executive members.   

An Audit Committee is also in place to ensure that all practices and procedures, not simply financial transactions, are reviewed and carried out in adherence to the principles of best practice.

On a wider scale, Leland's interaction with the government, citizens, laws and cultures of Tanzania is managed by a Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee.  The company believes that it must be proactive and inclusive and to this end is in the process of engaging recognised entities within Tanzania to provide Leland with an in-depth understanding of the issues of immediate, future and lasting importance to exploration, mining and the people of Tanzania.